My Sort Of Day

Just my sort of perfect day; I absolutely love autumn weather, especially when it’s as fine as today. Within half an hour of venturing out into the garden, I had to remove
my fleece, shirt-sleeves being the order of the day. First task was to find appropriate places to plant some English bluebell bulbs(hyacynthoid non-scripta) whilst simultaneously avoiding areas where I may have disturbed other bulbs. That was eventually sorted, sharing the plantings between three different
areas; the bed adjacent to the pond midst all the shrubbery seemed ideal and, further batches were planted in the grassy area near the fruit trees and, in the small border at the side of the house. All these areas should provide
the right degree of shade for them to thrive come springtime. These wildflower bulbs had only arrived in yesterdays post but, it’s essential to plant sooner rather than later.


I’m anticipating a further delivery of bulbs and plants, an offer too good to refuse, in the course of the next few weeks; hopefully, I’ll have found the time to pre-plan
their planting areas. The garden was so alive with birdsong, as sparrows, blue-tits, coal-tits, goldfinches and the hardy perennial starlings fluttered and darted around. Occasionally, a delightful surprise, as a juvenile goldfinch emerged from the shrubbery a mere hands breadth from my face. Even the inquisitive robin
seemed to be checking up on me.


After lunch, a stir-fry of salmon, peppers, tomatoes, onion and mushrooms with a generous sprinkling of Szechuan spices and soy sauce, I sipped my Earl Grey out in the garden
as I wallowed in observing the avian activity. It wasn’t long before the camcorder was called for, to capture some of these events.

Lunch duly settled, I set to trim the overgrown grass and weeds around the edge of the small pond and beneath the small weeping branches of the Kilmarnock willow.


All in all a most rewarding day; I even managed to post a new video, to YouTube, of a juvenile goldfinch, whose adult facial colouring is just starting to emerge. I rejoice and
give thanks in this day the Lord has made.

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2 Responses to My Sort Of Day

  1. Jen says:

    I loved the sunshine we had as well. Was great to get out in it, even if it was only for a bit of shopping! Will finish the shopping tomorrow, then, that\’s it for a while.You seem better today, Mal, in fact, you\’re positively chirpy about your day. It\’s a good feeling, especially when it doesn\’t happen that often, eh? Take care.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Thanks for stopping by; sadly there\’s a price to be paid if I overdo it* but, it\’s nice to bask in the memory of better days!* my most recent postings on my Sinna Luvva blog tell all!

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