Food, Drink and Gardening

After yesterday’s moderately downbeat posting, the impossible is slightly difficult, on my ‘Sinna Luvva’ blog, it feels good to have a more upbeat follow-up posting.

Although my condition is still far from A1, today (which is also my beloved’s day off work) seemed a good opportunity to pay a lunchtime visit to our local pub & bistro. Things are really looking up in our locale since the new landlord of ‘The Milepost’ incorporated a Crepes & Crocs bistro on the premises. Apart from an enjoyable pint of ‘Hobgoblin’, a rather malty full-bodied ruby ale, I had a starter of Port & Blue Cheese mushrooms, accompanied with a few slices of toasted baguette – a richly filling experience,  for my main course I settled for a smoke-salmon laden crepe with chips and side salad. My beloved settled for French Onion soup, to assist in the fight against the symptoms of her cold (now entering its second week of occupation) and, a main course of a goats cheese filled crepe. Not being an ale lover, a glass of Sauvignon was her beverage of choice.

The portions, as always, were on the generous side so, neither of us felt we had room for a desert, tempting as the options are. In retrospect, I realize that my choice of starter was rather rich for a lunchtime meal; we normally have our main meal in the evening when my beloved returns from work and, I suspect the stomach becomes totally familiarised with this routine.

On our return home I prepared a cafetiere of coffee, a preventative against an unwanted afternoon nap, before performing a little bit of grass surgery in the wilder reaches of the garden. I have to admit that any time spent in the garden, whether in active or passive mode, makes me feel better – almost at one with the universe, if not always with the neighbourhood cats who spasmodically treat it as their toilet.

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4 Responses to Food, Drink and Gardening

  1. Jen says:

    Ugh! I hate it when cats to that;-) Munchies sound very delicious, Mal, and I missed that other entry you mention so I\’ll scuttle over and read it now, assuming that\’s a link, of course:-)

  2. Jen says:

    Just read your "ijmpossible" blog. Know what used to set me off? The thought of getting in a car, or any other vehicle. When I was younger than half my age now – Mum took my sister and I to some religious convention in Scotland. The preacher was so full of the fires of hell that we didn\’t know what to think. We stayed in someone\’s home whilst there and, although my sister and I never had cause for alarm when travelling before this particular trip, it was as if someone had put a curse on us both when we were there! I couldn\’t bear travelling anywhere after that week. It was actually many years later that I found my sister had suffered the same fate as I, at the same time I had it.My problems became so bad that I couldn\’t bear to be in a vehicle where I couldn\’t see out in front of me. Thankfully, because I taught myself how to balance again, (it\’s all to do with the middle ear, you see), I am rather better today and can manage a short train ride. I could manage the buses before I was disabled and cars are thankfully, no longer a problem. But I had to sort myself out, Mal. There was no-one else to care what happened! I\’m glad I was able to fight back. I wish you well. Never let anything get in the way of you doing what you love.

  3. Dave says:

    Malcolm, it\’s always good to hear when you are feeling better. I also know the therapeutic value of gardens and gardening. I look forward to more pictures of yours. Since the coyotes have moved into the neighborhood, our cat issues seem to have been solved. I don\’t recommend the solution, however, it\’s a mixed blessing. Take care and watch that rich food. 😉

  4. Malcolm says:

    Thanks for your comments Jen and Dave, much appreciated!

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