Goldies Progress

This morning, for the first time since being placed in the quarantine treatment tank, Goldie was busily swimming around and scouring the gravel for any tasty morsels. Since Tuesday he has been ignoring any tidbits I chose to offer, a sign that he’s definitely off-colour! Apart from the obvious post-traumatic stress (from Tuesday’s adventures) I’d also noted a degree of finrot so, I’ll be keeping him in quarantine for a little while and renewing the treatment regime.
Yesterday, as he sat dolefully on the aquarium gravel, disinterested in anything going on around him. I’d even started wondering whether decapitation might be in order, to alleviate any pain he may have been suffering; it’s hard to express the relief I experienced on being greeted this morning by a re-energised fantail! He has just eagerly devoured the floating food flakes I used to attract his interest, things are certainly looking up. It’s still early days though; I’ll be keeping him under close observation for a few days yet.
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3 Responses to Goldies Progress

  1. Jen says:

    Well, at least that\’s something to brighten the day with. Good news, Mal:-)

  2. Malcolm says:

    thanks Jen … and the progress continues. I\’ve just performed a water change and applied a fresh dose of medication, it\’s still too early to return Goldie to the main aquarium.

  3. Jen says:

    You\’ll know when it\’s time. Hope you\’ve had a good day today:-)

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