Short Days and Long Hours

Isn’t it strange how quickly days pass, even when there have
been periods of them when time seems to be hanging. The last few days have been
rather like that ever since Thursday, when we went for a meal at the local jazz
bistro; the meal was really satisfying, right through to the plates being wiped
clean – such was the enjoyment of our respective meals. For the main course I
had the chicken normande – chicken breast in a creamy mushroom & brandy
sauce –  served on a bed of mashed
potato; the garlic runner beans which I ordered as a side dish led me to devour
more of this vegetable than would be my norm. My beloved had settled for Coley
served with ratatouille and tapenade, with a side dish of new potatoes. For
dessert we both settled for crepes – the house speciality – though different


A most pleasant surprise occurred, as we exited the bistro,
when we were given a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to take home with us, the bistro
owner having discovered that it was our engagement anniversary. Even without
that ‘bonus’ we’d already decided that there was a possibility we could easily
become regular diners at our local; it had taken us considerable time to decide
on our main courses, it’s a rare event indeed when every item takes one’s
fancy. The close proximity to our home, five minutes walk, is the very
significant icing on the cake.


Earlier that afternoon, I had a visit from my physiotherapist
who administered the magic needles with her usual delicate proficiency,
following a little chat about gardening matters.


The night that followed took an unexpected turn, my beloved
being wakened by sudden cramping pains – not at all related to our dining
experience but rather a sudden onset bout of U.T.I., so next morning she was
straight down to her GP, sample in hand, to receive a course of broad spectrum
antibiotics. The rest of the day was a wipe-out, so far as my beloved was
concerned, such were the feelings of nausea that she was unable to take any
food ( anyone who knows her will be well aware of how extremely unusual such an
occurrence is) and only able to sip the most minute quantity of fluid! I did
persuade her to take a few spoonfuls of yoghurt, to alleviate what may have
been a reaction to the antibiotics on a rather empty stomach.


So, Friday was a day when the hours seemed very long indeed!
It’s strange that the hours pass reasonably quickly whilst Helen is out at work
but, when she’s at home and not her usual bright communicative self, I find it
difficult to settle down to any task. I always feel guilty that I’m unable to
do anything to help! I did manage to contact the steward at the church where
she was due to take the service on Sunday evening, giving her the hymns and
lessons along with the suggestion that I wasn’t sure whether she’d be there or


On Saturday though lacking in energy, she did manage to get
dressed and come downstairs. For lunch I prepared a simple smoked haddock
fillet with a poached egg and, at tea time a simple, easily digested tuna pasta,
received with great relish. Saturday proved a real day of rest for her and, I
felt better just to have her company. Saturday evening was time for me to
prepare the meal for Sunday and Monday, on this occasion a paprika chicken
chasseur – made with my usual disregard of what any recipe book may suggest!


Today has been another quite restful day, enjoying the fresh
air and sunshine in the shade of a parasol. My beloved didn’t take much persuading
to forego her usual trip into town for morning worship, saving her reserves for
the service which she was able to take at Hampsthwaite this evening.


The days just pass so quickly, in spite of the slow
lumbering motion of the hours on Friday for both of us.

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2 Responses to Short Days and Long Hours

  1. Jen says:

    Well, bless her heart. I don\’t know what you mean by UTI but I can guess the first two words, which make for much unpleasantness. I hate feeling that way if it happens. Whatever it was, I hope she\’s fully cured after a good sleep tonight. You too, from all the worry. Your food sounds delicious, Mal!

  2. Cathy says:

    Poor mum, bless her, please send my love x. I like this site of yours very good. I did find meanderings after all! Ken and I also love The milepost now I hope to have a meal there when I come home tomorrow for the week yipee!

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