Double Dis-Service

From early next week all UK mobile numbers will be in a directory; anyone will be able to call you!

unsubscribe before the beginning of next week go to:
and click on ‘Ex Directory’ at top right hand side of page. A code will
be texted to your mobile to enable you to go Ex-Directory.

Unfortunately if you go to the site at present the Service has been suspended: message reads –

"Service suspended whilst we make improvements

‘The 118 800 service for mobile phone connections is currently
unavailable – from this website and by phone – whilst we undertake major
developments to our ‘Beta Service’ to improve the experience for our
customers. We’ll be back as soon as possible with the new improved

All ex-directory requests made by people in our directory to date are
being processed. There will be no need to resend these requests. And we
will take further ex-directory requests when the service resumes. We
will not be taking ex-directory requests by phone or text whilst the
service is not operational.

Please do not call us on 118 800 for anything other than landline
directory enquiry requests as you will be charged for the call.

For other enquiries email us at or write to us at 118 800, PO Box 2747, Reading RG30 4ZQ

Sorry for any inconvenience caused."

I have tried e-mailing them at the contact address – in the hope that we can avoid yet another unwelcome dis-service.

infrequent mobile users, strictly for emergencies, we are already
subjected to unsolicited texts from ‘Orange’ our Service (?) Provider,
I can only imagine the amount of "spam" we will be subjected to when
the directory goes ‘live’.

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One Response to Double Dis-Service

  1. Jen says:

    You normally get a number to stop the service. Text the word STOP to whatever number they give you. Love to have someone trying to ring my phone. Can\’t get a signal here so it\’s always off, anyway. Only use my mobie at the weekend, normally, so thankfully, I won\’t be bothered. Much;-) (Hopefully!)

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