A Thread of Incompetence

Sometimes life can be so unpredictable, especially when technology should have ruled out some of these glitches. A case in point was a recent online order with Cotton Traders; of the items we’d decided to order from a new Summer Sale catalogue, and freshly received e-mail, several were already unavailable.


For one of the items, I discovered a more than acceptable alternative casual jacket which was added to the order. When the delivery of most items was received, remarkably swift on this occasion – full marks to the supplier on that account, the delivery note stated of the jacket “the item above will follow shortly”. Another of the items, a pair of sandals for my beloved, was marked as “Sorry – the item above is sold out”.


 As payment had already been taken for all of the items ordered, I contacted the company online requesting a refund for the “sold out” item; at the same time checking the online order tracking screen which stated that the jacket was “cancelled”. I certainly hadn’t cancelled it, so I added a query about this item to my refund request.


The response to my refund request / enquiry was that they had now discovered a stock of the “sold out” sandals but, the jacket which was “to follow” was no longer available. This time I chased up a refund on the jacket.


It is an amazing trick of technological commerce that payments for items not supplied can be charged so swiftly to one’s credit card, whereas it takes an extra couple of days for a refund to be applied to the same card.

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2 Responses to A Thread of Incompetence

  1. penny says:

    I could not agree more, Mal.

  2. Jen says:

    I had exactly the same thing with an ink order. Never again.

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