This is me, at such a
remarkably early hour; I pinch myself just for reassurance. And what is it
about the white gold sun that makes me feel awake; the question is purely
rhetorical, the sun simply is and I
for once am awake under its early spell. The surprise is exclusively mine.


Recent nights have found
me ready to retire au lit at an earlier hour than usual, only to awake in a
state of total exhaustion having spent ten to twelve hours in my summer weight
duvet’s cocoon. “Unrefreshing sleep” definitely seems like an understatement; I’ve
been feeling more like I’m suffering from sleep deprivation.


Yesterday, for instance,
twelve hours after retiring to bed (and an ensuing pattern of fitful sleep) I
removed myself from the bedclothes, with a great effort of will power, and
donned my shirt. The effort of covering my torso, with the aforementioned item
of clothing, seemed like an effort too far as I collapsed back on the bed only
to re-emerge a full hour later.


Mornings have barely, or at
least rarely, existed for me these past ten days or so and I’ve not begun to
feel awake until half way through the afternoon yet, here I am today up with
the dawn chorus. By rights I should have earned some really sound sleep having
spent several hours, yesterday, pottering around in the garden on strimming,
foliage spraying, and other light duties. The expected reward was not
forthcoming and, the only snatch of sleep I caught was a few minutes between three
and four ante meridian.


Apart from moderate
twinges and stiffness in the lower limbs, my recently familiar “all over”
sharply bruised yet dully aching spasms are absent; perhaps I should be giving
thanks to the good services of tramadol
, or to my maker for a better day. At least I live in hope of
a better feeling day, even if sleep eventually catches up with me.


This is me, at such a
remarkably early hour and, I rejoice and give thanks for this day the Lord has

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One Response to REMARKABLE

  1. Jen says:

    I don\’t often get the early mornings, but love them when they happen. I\’m so dreadfully sorry to know of your sleepless patterns. That would definitely drive me mad, Malcolm. Feel better soon, my Friend.

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