A Matter of Alignment

I’d just got down to preparing a light lunch, for my beloved and myself, when I found myself somewhat perplexed.
The labelling on the packaged fish read, "Line caught smoked haddock"; that floored me!
I didn’t even know there was a breeding ground for smoked haddock. If the haddock were to somehow go off course and land up in the Dead Sea I suspect they’d soon be salt-cured but, I’ve yet to discover the location of the smoked haddock shoals.
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6 Responses to A Matter of Alignment

  1. Jen says:

    Someone went out on his boat, caught you that one, prepared and saved it for you, or is that to far-fetched? Hmmm, probably. Don\’t think anyone loves me that much, either;-)Good thing really, coz it sounds like smoked kippers you\’re talking about. My husband could eat one every day but I\’ve never like them. Gimme what we call a roll mop any day:-) Piece of herring soaked in white vinegar and chopped onion with maybe a hint of sugar? Whatever – it\’s delicious. Lovely with hot buttered toast.

  2. Cassie says:

    the smoked Melanogrammus aeglefinus (haddock) shoals are off the Scotian Shelf…honestly! What DO they teach in schools these days???

  3. Jen says:

    Hey Cass, reckon Mal\’s having a laugh with us. Get the words: "Line-caught smoked haddock". Makes it look like they were caught already smoked! So I just wound him up a bit. Got to get me own back, ya know. Beats the stuffing outa what yesterday was made of…So anyway, did you enjoy your food, is all that matters?

  4. Technogran says:

    So that\’s where all the smokers have had to go to take a puff! Under the sea!

  5. Malcolm says:

    Love yourreply Cassie and, also like the idea of undersea smokers – together you\’ve got it sussed and, I can sleep easy problem solved! Long time since I had a roll mop Jen but, I do have a loo brush (incase I need to mop the toilet rolls), does that count?

  6. Jen says:

    Ugghh! MALcolm. What are you like!

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