Weather Impromptu


After a week of fine Spring weather, today sees a dramatic change.


One minute the sky is azure, with pristine white cotton wool clouds rapidly sailing amongst their greyer brethren; the whole scene is transformed in the twinkling of an eye, all becomes dully overcast and windswept rain lashes the earth at a rate that the recipient sees fit to bounce back up again. A slight exaggeration, maybe, but the transitions occur at spectacular speed. Even the wind’s forceful gusts are of a radically intermittent variety and, a fresh scattering of debris (plant pots etc.) is swiftly strewn across the grassy swathe.


 I find a certain excitement in the weathers sheer unpredictability; of course, I’m not obliged to be out there, facing its most inclement aspect, so I speak from a vantage point of home comforts. Two days ago I was enjoying the Peacock Butterflies as they fluttered past me, whilst I sat beside the pond; the bees were frenetically gathering nectar from the spring blossom. Today, that scene seems as if it was a mirage but, the promise remains!


I await a less blustery, preferably rain-free, interval to venture out into the garden and our mini wildlife haven to top up sundry bird feeders. A male blackbird waits patiently beside the ground feeder as if to beckon me into action. I feel privileged on those occasions when I wander out and some of the birds, in very close proximity, pay little attention to my intrusion whilst the timid swarms of starlings instantly take flight.


As I survey the scene, my aches and discomfort fade into the background compared to the pleasure I receive from my garden observations. The weather may be erratic but, at this moment I am calmly content.!


This is the day the Lord has made, I rejoice and am glad in it.

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