A Privileged Life

Sometimes it feels like there’s no
possible escape, as I fall deeper into the pit of my own dis-ease; at other house-bound
times, intense discomfort notwithstanding, I feel particularly blessed to have
the time to observe things that I may otherwise have missed.

Sitting in the
lounge, a couple of days ago, it was my privilege to observe a pair of Red
Kites, effortlessly utilizing the thermals, demonstrating such elegance and
grace in both flight and glide. I may no longer be able to face going to the mountain but it seems to be
my privileged lot that the mountain comes
to me
; there were times when I could have travelled far and wide without
witnessing such a breathtakingly beautiful spectacle.


On a recent rare mild day, sitting beside
the garden pond, almost overwhelmed by the croaking chatter of the frogs, a
long-eared mouse appeared, obviously out on a foraging trip, and seemed pretty
well oblivious to our presence; of such tiny incidents is the wealth of my life
made up. Just think what I’d be missing if I was well enough to lead a more
normal life!

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One Response to A Privileged Life

  1. penny says:

    What a wonderful attitude to life, you have, Mal. You are fortunate to have seen those kites. I have never seen one in my lifetime. Take care, Pen.

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