Gentle Changes

Today has been rather warm, in contrast to the temperatures
experienced in recent weeks.  Quite
unusually, the temperature failed to fall below zero last night and,
consequently, this afternoon we could revel in a glorious 6 centigrade. For the
first time in a couple of weeks, the gardens carpet of snow has cleared and, we
were able to venture over a squelching lawn to check out our mini wildlife
haven. Prior to this adventure, we rarely ventured beyond the bird feeding
stations closer to the house.


Finally, we have been able to prune back some of the shrubs
which we had intended to trim several weeks ago. Mind you, at that earlier time,
I was lacking the stamina to perform even that minor operation. The past few
days had seen quite an improvement in my stamina levels and, I was actually able
to venture down to Open
Church for coffee on
Thursday, a full ten to twelve minutes walk each way. (From such giant steps is
progress measured!).


Last night, following a special Valentine’s Day meal, my
beloved and I settled down to watch one of our favourite musicals, “High
Society”; a special feel good conclusion to the day.


Today’s posting, ‘Colonial Revolt …? …?’ on my Sinna Luvva blog, is of a slightly less gentle nature. 

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One Response to Gentle Changes

  1. penny says:

    Sounds like you guys had a lovely day. Valentine\’s day was invented for romantics like you. I hope your health continues to improve, Pen.

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