Simply Privileged

What a privileged life I lead; another Sunday afternoon spent sat beside the garden pond, my beloved by my side and, I obediently feed the fish when they feign interest! But no, the interest was genuine; the rapidity with which the floating food sticks were devoured had to be seen to be believed.


It’s still quite amazing to realize that a patient frog, though sat beside the lily leaves well within my field of vision, blends so well into the ponds surface flora that one can be quite oblivious to its presence for quite long periods of time. I can barely imagine the shock in store, for its insect prey, as the tongue whiplashes out of nowhere!


I’ve also managed to re-site one of our nest boxes and position a new one, of the kind suitable for blue or coal tit but, I still seek the appropriate location, amongst copious vegetation, for a new open-fronted nest box. The birds sing and chatter around me, the sun shines, my beloved smiles; who could ask for more?


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