Who knows how the wind blows?


It could be the combination of pain-killers and anti-inflammatories, otherwise the thermometer is lying. As someone whose body thermostat, although somewhat erratic, has tended to err on the side of over-heating for a rather prolonged period of time, it comes as something of a shock to find myself unable to keep warm. I understand that the wind-chill factor can play havoc with the apparent thermometer reading but, I’m talking about the indoor environment.


The recent, moderately warm, Indian Summer has departed as swiftly as it arrived but, the change I’m feeling seems totally disproportionate to the change in elemental forces. Even wrapped in my fleece, I still find myself shuddering with the cold. Sundry aches and pains insist on imposing their presence, regardless of whether I’m sat, lying down, or ambling/shuffling around; that’s in spite of medications and last Thursday’s acupuncture session. For the past few years acupuncture has provided me with most positive results in terms of pain control and re-energizing, so I’m somewhat surprised that on this occasion it hasn’t kicked in (as yet) on either score.


On top of everything, I’ve even managed to lose my favourite walking stick. The last memory I have of using it was when I went to the door with the visiting physio, last Thursday, since which time I’ve not ventured beyond the confines of house and garden. I’m sure no-one else could manage to lose their walking stick within the confines of their own residence; I must be special after all!

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