Like A Blank Out Of The Blue


Suddenly, I discover this morning that my Luv4Sinners website is not available. This site:  is apparently non-existent. When I go into the UK Geocities page, for managing my site, it states that my web address is but, when I try to access my files I’m quite simply transferred to a USA Geocities page where I’m asked if I would like to start a website.


My Ace FTP programme is still able to access all my files on the uk.geocities server so, I’ve duly copied them over to a folder on my PC as backup. I have contacted Geocities, via an online form this morning, in an attempt to find out what’s going on.


Had I been informed of any impending change I could have removed all the links to my website from my blogs and other websites but, at the moment I don’t know whether it’s just a temporary aberration, on Yahoo’s part, or whether I’ve been purposefully removed.


Does anyone out there know if the UK Geocities free websites have been discontinued, I’d really like to know?

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