Temperamental Nature


In the brief intervals between deluging rainfalls, the sundry bird-feeders scattered around the garden were all hives of avian activity. Half-a-dozen long-tailed tits were joined by blue, coal and great varieties of the species. The house sparrows were also making their voices heard and their occasional presence felt. No sign today of the blackbirds though, so the ground feeders remained deserted. I just seem to lose track of time as I sit and observe all this activity.

As I trek up to the garden pond, to feed the fish, the ground squelches beneath my feet like a sighing emphysemic body. The elevated paddling pool, formerly known as a wheelbarrow sits forlornly at the gardens edge. A white lily, in a planter beside the pond, has burst into bloom and stands proudly erect; shrieking defiance at all the weather has to throw at it.

It really is quite startling, how quickly a temporary dry lull (in the day) is transformed into a downpour. These elemental forces, at times like this, fill me with awe; although they may thwart any plans for outdoor activity, it proves in some way a quite life affirming spectacle.

Yesterday’s sighting of some Holly Blue butterflies, at the top end of the garden proved equally positive, my first sighting of this species in our garden.

This is the day the Lord has made and, I rejoice and am glad in it.

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