pacing my space

So, what’s happening then? Quite a lot actually; well,
I think there must be even though I find it hard to remember exactly what.
Having the new garden shed installed has certainly inspired me to get out there
and practise some watercolour painting. As long as the studio was in the loft,
I could never quite manage to find the stamina to sort it and myself out but,
my shed studio couldn’t be more convenient. Just a few paces from the back door
and I’m there, where all my materials and props are on a constant state of alert,
quite simply desirous of my attention.


As I got down to this little creative endeavour, I
swiftly realized just how much stamina (albeit primarily of the mental
/emotional variety) watercolour painting requires. Having completed four
paintings in the course of a few days these stamina resources were quite
depleted. Meanwhile the garden has required a little physical effort, on my
part, a project which I’m tackling in my very slow deliberate stride. I have,
once more, started to read my body signals in a more constructive manner in the
hope that I can avoid any traumatic post-exertional malaise.


Even though the garden and lawn is quite waterlogged,
I still delight in taking a casual stroll thereabouts, paying close attention
to the variegated flora and fauna within this limited realm.


I rejoice in my good fortune at being so easily

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