Taking Stock

Just as a hint of
self-pity begins to creep up on me, it seems like a good time to do a little stocktaking
in recognition of all the blessings / privileges in my life. Whilst unremitting
muscular twinges in the small of the back, calves, thighs and upper arms
prepare me for a cussing fit, I look out of the window to observe the fledgling
blackbirds, starlings and house sparrows, freshly thrown out into the world
from the home-comforts of their nest. My life transitions were never that


 The garden is a constant source of pleasure,
the demands it imposes upon one in terms of caring attention are as nothing
compared to the joy and contentment it proffers day after day; the seemingly endless
cycle of flora and fauna, here on my doorstep, never ceases to amaze and
enthral me.


As I write these words, I’m
reminded of the way that the internet has proved such a lifeline, especially at
times when levels of physical and emotional stamina held me captive within
these four walls. [There again, I must count my blessings, four solid walls and
a roof to protect me from the ravages of the elements, something beyond the wildest
dreams of untold millions on our planet].


As contact with many real
world friends and acquaintances, who failed to understand my health imposed
transition from social to a more solitary mode of being, was broken, I had the
good fortune to find new friends in cyberspace. Where once I could be out on
the streets in support of causes and values that I stood for, I can now voice
and share these concerns via electronic mail and petitions. I realize that it’s
not quite the same as being out there but,
at least my voice can be heard or represented. On odd occasions, I’ve even
managed to renew acquaintanceship with people I’d lost touch with decades ago.


Suddenly, I realize that I’ve
left the best to last; the love, friendship and laughter that I share with my
beloved – ultimately, nothing is more important than the love and support of
friends and family, an area in which I am greatly blessed.


I rejoice and am glad, in
this day the Lord has made. I give thanks for the ability to give thanks!

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