Callie’s Progress

These days Callie, the calico fantail, seems to have more vitality than I can ever remember in days of yore. During the recent spell in the treatment tank, something quite amazing seems to have occurred; perhaps it’s simply that the treatment proved more efficacious than during her earlier (one year previous) quarantine. At present, the extra surge of energy could cause resentment among the co-residents, some of Callie’s behaviour verges on harassment. Mind you, they always seem capable of kissing and making up.

I’ve known common goldfish to do their share of tail-nipping if they share the space with fantails but, here we have the vulnerable nipping the equally vulnerable. At times I wonder whether in this instance it’s a sign of affection rather than wilful aggravation; were it a common goldfish doing the nipping there would be no hesitation in removing it from the tank. Certainly the reaction of C’s companions is far different to their response to a bit of intimate nuzzling.

Of course, it would be bad practise to have common and fancy sharing accommodation; the more boisterous common variety can cause a great deal of stress to the fancier ones.


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