Gently Does It

This post also appears on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’. Apologies for the paucity of recent postings.


penny has finally dropped. For the past week to ten days, a physical shattered-ness
has forced me to retire au lit at a marginally earlier hour, although my nocturnal
bed rest requirement has remained somewhere around 11 hours. Last night, I
performed the task of resetting the clocks for the advent of BST (British
Summer Time); I now have a strong suspicion that my biological clock was gently
adapting me to this man-made leap!


the clock may say, I can guarantee that my body will continue to forcefully
state when it requires rest. For far too long I’d ignored these promptings, and
look where that got me!


the general health front, things have been on a pretty even keel and, apart
from taking my regular medications, I’ve been resorting far less to
pain-killers. To tell the truth, the analgesics don’t seem to cope too well
with the nauseatingly intermittent nature of the pains and discomforts my flesh
is heir too. On the other hand, I’ve overcome the quirky guilt feelings that
used to overwhelm me on those occasions when I’ve found it absolutely necessary
to take them; I’ve also discovered that they can sometimes be used to make an
essential pre-emptive strike against intense discomfort.


not infrequent involuntary leg crumbling spasms, nine times out of ten, I’m
able to find amusing … “look what the little bugger’s doing now!” The nagging
bruising aches emanating from the armpit seem to have re-emerged with a
vengeance, a couple of weeks after my last acupuncture treatment, ending in a
sharp numbness of the inner upper arm and around the elbow joint.


importantly, I’m enjoying life as long as I accept my limitations. A couple of
years back, I never even dreamt that I could feel this good again. Now I’ve
just got to work on the ….. what’s the word I’m looking for …… concentration!


rejoice and am glad in this day the Lord has made.


Just in case you missed it, Sinna Luvva did  some THINKING ALOUD (about) Substitutionary Embryonics on March 26. It’s good to let the mind randomly wander now and again.

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