Stepping Out



It’s wonderful to observe the increase in our daylight hours though, admittedly, I’m not so much aware of the lighter mornings as I am of the protracted afternoons. When I was starting work shortly after 7.00AM, morning light was something of which I was all too aware but, in all honesty, for the past few years these seasonal changes have been of far too little significance. As my health has started to improve, these gradual changes are something of which I’m able to be more appreciative. Whilst dreary, damp, grey days do nothing for the morale, my physical symptoms didn’t seem unduly seasonally affected (except, perhaps, as I wilted in the warmer summer days).


A trip to the aquarium centre was the first item on our agenda; whilst there we acquired a couple of new lighting tubes for the aquarium and, for the first time I decided to purchase some reflectors for the lamps. The difference the reflectors have made is really quite amazing; the tanks piscine inhabitants have taken on an extra sheen. The only slight problem is that even this new brighter light seems prone to occasional dimming. Such dimming was the reason I felt that the old lights needed replacing and, I’m just hoping we won’t have to replace the whole lighting unit.



Shortly after ma belle and I had returned home, from the aquatic centre, we took a little stroll down the road and across The Stray, a two hundred acre expanse of tree bedecked grass which skirts the town centre, much used as part of the promenade taken by visitors to the town in its heyday as a Spa. Part way along the footpath I found a suitable seat where I was able rest, basking in the spring sunshine and fresh air, whilst Helen strode on into town. I still have to pace myself, in all activities, ensuring I leave a sufficient reserve of stamina to complete the exercise. I also attempt, or hope, to have a little energy in reserve by the time any task is completed. Exercise can so easily prove detrimental for ME sufferers. Today’s limb stretch was the greatest distance I’ve managed to complete (albeit with a fifteen minute rest break, mid-way through the sojourn) for more than four years; a mere fleabite by my former standards but, touching onto a great leap forward in the context of the past few years.


For the past couple of days, it has felt like a luxury to have muscular and glandular aches as little more than minor distractions, compared to recent excruciating discomfort. The next test is to try, once more, to reduce my bed-rest requirement from its current level. Who knows, with a little luck and modest perseverance, I may soon start to regain some powers of concentration.


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