Taking It Easy

Perhaps it’s just me, but recently there seem to have been more references, in the media, to the importance of meditation in a busy life. (Perhaps it’s just on programmes like Good Morning Sunday, because it’s Lent). As someone whose life runs on quite minimal energy, I find it rather irritating, at times, to be told that we need to slow down, take time out from our busy lives.


When I led a more active life, in terms of both employment and socializing, I found that I was generally ‘laid back’ rather than busy! Frequently, it seemed to be the ‘busy’ people who got the promotions and took on more responsibilities. Nine times out of ten though, the busy people seemed to achieve far less, in their (longer) working hours, than the more easy-going amongst us. It’s almost as if people take pride in ‘seeming’; seeming to be busy, spreading a workload over a greater span than necessary in order to keep up appearances.


When I worked hard, and played even harder, I never had a problem relaxing; relaxation became much more difficult once the resources of physical and emotional stamina were no longer available. Because of upbringing, and societal pressures, one is made to feel guilty because they are not ‘gainfully’ employed, hence the difficulty with relaxation.

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