A Question of Imbalance

We’ve just been watching ‘Songs of Praise’ (BBC1), which tonight came from the town where ma belle and I reside. It was really good to see and hear Tim, with whom I used to work,  speaking from the Pump Room Museum, and Paul who we had just met this afternoon at Helen’s sisters, talking about St Wilfreds and, we really enjoyed the small focus on Phil Willis, our MP, who is an excellent servant/representative of the community.


Unfortunately, I found myself resenting the programmes one–sided presentation of "affluent" Harrogate. Certainly property is overpriced, whether rented or for sale, and plenty of wealthy people choose to live here but, we are also a town with a homelessness problem, many drug and alcohol problems and, a very large number of  low paid workers (being a town largely dependent on service industries).


It is hard to reconcile the place where I live, breathe and have my being, where many hard working couples cannot even contemplate the purchase of what is called “affordable” housing, with the verbally presented image of this programme.



An earlier posting from today,A TRUE THANKSGIVING, can be found on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’.  

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