Weather Watch

It’s less than a couple of hours, since my emergence from the duvet lair, and already my weather watching activities have noted a variety of conditions which could quite happily fill a week, or even a month.


The bright blue sky, with a sparse sprinkling of sun-splashed white clouds, which greeted my arrival into the world of the awake, swiftly became over laden with a dark grey flotilla. The sun, and a hint of blue, continued to peep through the gathering clouds as a gentle rain shower entered stage left. Not many minutes later, brightness prevailed once more whilst the winds strength fluctuated between whisper and howl.


Things soon got to a stage when it seemed that all I need do was blink and, my re-awakened vision would be greeted by a whole new skyscape. The pristine cerulean sky had been instantly transformed into a slate grey backdrop to a few angry clouds. A lull in the gentle shower suddenly transmogrified into pelting rain; next moment a hint of blue, and the sun once more struggled past the cloud cover.


The squally wind makes its presence felt both audibly and visibly but, I lack the desire to appreciate it in a more tactile way; I remain snugly apparelled behind closed doors. Rain, sleet, and hailstones, have all played their part in the past fifteen minutes display.


It certainly beats watching paint dry!

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One Response to Weather Watch

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Malcolm,
    Spring must be coming!  A whole new appearance and in such subtle tones.  The border does have a familiar motif.  Smiling with you.
    My Sydney has recovered nicely and she is at full speed!  Her down days were of short duration!  But we are thankful that the injuries were minimal.  But there is definitely an electric fence in her future.
    Our weather is gloomy.  Ice, sleet and rain yesterday.  Fortunately, the weather has warmed some, enough to dissipate the snow and ice.  We were fortunate that we didn\’t have any power outages. At this point I am happy for spring to come. I spent part of yesterday browsing through seed and flower catalogues. So much I want to plant!  How can you not desire those succulent red strawberries or corn that is called honey and cream or silver queen! I can hardly wait for spring to come and neither can my orchids. I have one more in spike and that will do it until next year.  But I had 8 or 10 in bloom this year so am pleased with my progress as an orchid grower.
    I am about to go and read WINDBOUND.  Please give Helen my best.  With much fondness……..Bittersweet

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