The Chef’s Cold Feet

When one’s a degree or two
below par and, judging by the temporary numbness in hands and feet, several
degrees below normal body temperature, a molehill of a task becomes an ascent
of K2. Regular readers of my blogs will be all
too well aware of my love of cooking but, this week, having a guest over for
dinner yesterday and, another one expected tomorrow, I’ve suddenly started
questioning my abilities.


Yesterday’s meal was a success,
one of my special chicken curries which transcended the bounds of any formal
designation but, you can’t imagine the trepidation with which I approached the
process, in the knowledge that our guest was quite a curry connoisseur. Still,
I’m not one who runs from a challenge – he likes curries, so that’s what I
made. Friday is quite frequently one of our Salmon days but, I’m only too aware
that, on her previous visit, tomorrow’s guest was more than satisfied with a
salmon dish; on that occasion cooked in a white wine, honey and mustard sauce.


After that earlier success,
I don’t really relish the prospect of falling short of expectation but, I’m
intent on preparing a salmon dish once again. I’ve just immersed the salmon
steaks in a marinade of orange juice, soy sauce, garlic and a little dash of Tabasco. The marinades
ingredients are really quite flavoursome but, I’m reasonably confident that it
will bring out rather than drown out the flavour of the fish. Tomorrow I’ll be
slicing a few peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes for a quick stir fry as an
accompaniment but, the debate is still on as to whether it will be served with
potatoes, or lightly spiced pasta. The big question remains whether I griddle
the fish or simply pop it into the oven, to simmer in the residue of the


Whatever’s the case, there’s
no turning back now; it’s time to put my worries to rest before the call of
duvet-dom becomes irresistible.

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