By late morning I found myself feeling so much brighter than I have done for the past couple of weeks. The usual aches and niggles were still making their presence felt but, emotionally, I really began to feel so much brighter. The mending had already begun as my good lady started to recover from the flu type virus, which had laid her low this past week, but emotionally I was still feeling totally drained.


Suddenly, I feel as if a cloud has been lifted even though outside it’s one of those dreary damp grey days that I really loathe. So what made the difference?


As I ventured out to the local pharmacy and the bakers shop, I met a good friend, John and had a brief chat. He asked whether I was going down to Open Church but, I wasn’t sure whether I had the stamina to go that extra distance. Having renewed my prescription, I walked straight past the bakery and plodded my way down to St Marks. The atmosphere there is always welcoming and, a goodly number of familiar faces were enjoying a cuppa and a chat. The numbers who attend for coffee are never too overwhelming but, unlike in a traditional café or coffee shop, where you can go in alone and remain alone, one is drawn into a warmth of fellowship where one can feel immediately at home. Having formerly been a caretaker, and regular attendee, at this church I have to admit to being easily recognized but, I am also aware that in general the same sort of welcome is extended to any visitor.


On the walk back home, spirits somewhat lifted, concentration proved sufficient to remember to pop into the bakery to collect a wholemeal loaf. The lady serving, immediately enquired as how my back was, to which I was able to respond that it was much improved and, for today at least, the walking stick was merely a safety net rather than an absolute necessity!


A shared cuppa and a natter can have such amazing therapeutic value.

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