Setbacks and Restoration

After all of Saturday’s activities (recorded on my Sinna Luvva blog), by Sunday morning I was feeling rather the worse for wear. Yes, the aches in the armpit, numbness in the forearms and wrists, alongside other familiar joint and muscle aches, are pretty regular companions but, the worst aspect is the sheer exhaustion that breaks down even ones limited powers of concentration, a kind of bruised hollowness. Fortunately, there was nothing much on the agenda for Sunday so my recuperative powers found sufficient stamina reserves to prevent a major setback.


My life is just so blessed, the ability to thrive on simply sitting and observing the birds at the various feeders in our garden, to bask in the company of my life partner Helen and, to have sufficient means to eat and drink whenever I’m hungry or thirsty. What more could a man ask for.


At least by Monday morning, after 12 hours bed rest, I was able to manage a walk down to Open Church at St Marks for a cuppa and some conversation. I so enjoy company, even if it’s only to share a few words and, I can’t help but be grateful that I’m at least able to cope with this level of socializing. Just the previous weekend I’d had to cancel a visit to Helen’s brother in Newcastle, feeling far too drained and dysfunctional to cope with the journey, or the temporary change of venue. Such eventualities /occurrences are pretty well par for the course and, despite a temporary sense of let-down and disappointment, I’m not prepared to let them dampen my spirits. After all, it’s not long ago that I’d have even been unable to contemplate such a venture.


Today is a new day and, I managed to concentrate sufficiently to partially dismantle and re-assemble my RC helicopter, having just received a replacement inner shaft through the post. My halo is once more glowing and, I rejoice in this day the Lord has made.

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