The Result – of Leon and other problems

Having been without
an internet connection throughout yesterday, and until 3.50pm today, a failure kindly provided by Virgin Media, at last I am able to post!




Leon’s Victory ( a posting prepared on
Sunday  16 December  AM but, unable to be posted due to Virgin
Medias  failure to provide a connection)


When it comes to asylum seekers, and other
immigrants, the British seem to have little sympathy for the underdog these
days but, hold a TV talent contest and the telephone lines are abuzz with
sympathy votes. Leon
receiving more votes than the ultra-talented Rhydian must rank as one of the
world’s great unsolved mysteries.


Perhaps, when it comes to a singing contest support
for the underdog seems to have prevailed; I suppose it’s not too difficult to
feel sympathy for a contestant who constantly fails to overcome stage-fright,
and seems to be completely tone deaf; after all, what greater handicap is there
to so timidly face!


Is this another case of political correctness gone




PS Sunday 16 December PM


What a treat it was on this evening’s ‘Songs of
Praise’ to see and hear Ray Quinn (last year’s X-Factor runner-up) performing
‘White Christmas. This was an example of classic crooning, restoring my faith
in the genre after last night’s tuneless dissection of the same song by Leon the frit
(or Tone Deff as he has been called elsewhere in the blogosphere).

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