The X-Factor Final – Part One

Tonight, Same Difference opened the show with ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’. A confident performance, their usual professionalism in evidence, even as they ‘flew’ across the stage in true Peter Pan fashion; PURE POP! Only pity is, I’m not really into ‘pop’.


Up next is Leon, performing ‘White Christmas’, a very flat and lifeless opening is prelude to a murderous rendition. Personality, as usual, is noticeable by its absence, along with a flood of croaky, wavering, out of tune notes. In the combat between nerves an latent talent, sadly the nerves prove the victor.


Rhydian, THE VOICE, performs ‘O Holy Night’, the expected mellifluous tones flow forth. For me there’s simply no competition; Rhydian, quite simply, is the consummate musician and performer.


Same Difference, for their second song, performed ‘Any Dream Will Do’ in which they’re joined by Jason Donovan. A very comfortable and confident performance! As JD commented, music should be about fun and, that’s a quality they transmit in abundance.


Rhydian gives a riveting performance of ‘You Raise Me Up’, during which he’s joined by Kathryn Jenkins; it’s really good to see a stage shared by two equal talents! Two charismatic personalities join forces to sing one song.


Leon has a chance to perform with Kylie Minogue and, I fail to recognize the song, something about forgive and forget. Absolutely forgettable, fortunately.


‘Breaking Free’ is Same Difference’s third song, their favourite from the series, performed with their usual enthusiasm; I’ve got to admit it’s my least favourite song.


Leon tells us ‘You Don’t Know Me’. I love the Ray Charles original and, needless to say, Leon does it far less than justice but, this time, he sings (almost) in tune; that’s progress! For some people it’s not much of an achievement to give their best performance, when you start in the pits …


There’s certainly a place for us, to enjoy ourselves, listening to Rhydian as he performs ‘Somewhere’! The ease with which he hits those top notes, incredible! The passion of the performance, amazing!





I’m rather in two minds about Part Two of the Final. Is it really worth the bother?


If Rhydian wins, then sanity prevails; it may even demonstrate that there still is true musical appreciation in this United Kingdom.


If Same Difference win it goes to show that Pop Rules!


If Leon wins, it’ll be a day that besmirches the good name and reputation of crooning; a total travesty. We are not a musical kingdom.


A somewhat less trivia obsessed post for today, entitled A PATRONIZING POST, was put up on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’.


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