Just going through a rather prolonged period of destamination (love the sound of that, although it’s not a proper word), any apparent stamina I may have seems to be vaporized away the moment I decide to tackle anything.


I suppose it’s a good sign to even have the illusion of stamina as, during the past few years, I’ve undergone sustained periods when even that illusory hint was absent. Even the irritating aches and pains are at nothing like the level they were when it seemed like multifarious deities were conspiring against me. If these ailments were to totally disappear it would seem, albeit a welcome relief, that I’d lost a vital (de-vitalising) part of my identity.


Meantime, I can only give thanks that I have a roof over my head, water literally on tap, food in the larder and a nice warm fire for me to bask in its glow. For millions of people these conditions would be considered luxury; a hot meal every day, a  home to shelter in and, most importantly for me, loving and caring family and friends. My life is indeed one of privilege!





Earlier today, in Sinna Luvva guise, I was going on about A GOLD MEDAL AWARD.

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