The X-Factor: an impeccable performance of ‘Somewhere’ by Rhydian, once again he proves that he’s in a totally different league to the rest of the players. As I watch the re-run of snippets from their performances, this seems like a self-evident truth.

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2 Responses to THERE’s A PLACE … AT THE TOP!

  1. maggie says:

    hello, long time no see, how is everything going~

  2. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Malcolm and Helen,
    I just finished reading you comments on the moon.  It was interesting because the moon was full yesterday or the day before and I always peek to see how large the orb and what brightness it radiates.  Our skies were clear and a surreal appearance to the hillside.
    Tonight our weather gets cold – in the teens with heavy winds and a winter storm coming our way Sunday into Monday.  Winter is here!
    Our Sydney keeps testing us.  I\’m at the point where I think I have to invest in some white fencing for part of the property.  I\’ve been looking into white fencing for the front of the house so maybe this is the time to expand that notion and take it around the house.
    Hopefully I can buy my Christmas tree today and just leave it on the car port until I\’m ready. I don\’t like to buy a tree with lots of ice and snow hanging on it. 
    Anyway my friend, my best to you and Helen.  A wonderful Christmas to you and your families.  Blessing from across the pond.  Bittersweet

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