The X-Factor goes Disco

This is the first time I’ve commented on the current series of X-Factor but, I quite simply feel the need to exorcise the memory of a particularly ghastly edition of the programme. ‘Disco’ has always seemed to me a reverse
evolutionary step in the history of pop music and, last nights Disco edition of
the X-Factor only served to reinforce that opinion.


Last night the show opened with Leon, his best performance so far,
the potential of a good voice was almost (but not quite) in evidence but, unfortunately, when
he dances the body seems to be disassociated from his intention. His on-stage
persona almost convinces me that total charisma by-passes do exist.


Nikki was almost back on form vocally, pity about the dance


Next, the act that has always left the others in the shade,
Rhydian. So far I’ve been mesmerized by each of his performances but, can he do
Disco? A camp performance redeemed by vocal quality and charisma. I’m convinced that it was only his sheer
professionalism that managed to give the impression that he was enjoying himself. Rhydian
is definitely in a league of his own


And, is there any Hope for the girl group performing Disco. Never having been a fan of girl groups, I felt that their
performance outshone the limitations of this musical style.


I was rather surprised when Simon referred to Beverley’s
performance as the best of the night, it rather conflicted with our view that
it was perfectly average.


We really enjoyed watching and listening to Alisha, even
allowing for a few duff notes; she had me sufficiently captivated  to remain oblivious to the crass skaters and
dancers that Simon referred to.


Same Difference, a very boring performance! Even their
sincere cheesy smiles failed to beguile on this occasion.

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