If Only … nature (sca)red in tooth and claw

The proud feline hunter scampers away like a real
scaredy-cat; obviously the tables have been turned.


A few minutes earlier, I had been watching a perky
grey squirrel foraging for food, in a tussock of grass, in close proximity to
one of our pole mounted bird feeders. I’m always quite amused how charmingly
these rodents pick up their food, scrupulously examining their paw held feast
in some kind of quality control exercise, before the consuming moment. As the
squirrel became aware of my presence, he firstly sidled away before darting off
between the end of the shed and the greenhouse. At this stage, its exact
location couldn’t be determined from my vantage point but, a sudden yelp
disclosed our neighbourhood ginger marmalade Persian, running for her life.


It’s really strange that all the endeavours of our
PIR sonic cat scarers, (supposedly) cat repellent plants, and strategically
placed briars had failed to deter this particular member of the feline race, as
we sought to protect the nesting birds, a little rodent so swiftly carried out
the act of expulsion from the garden. A real David and Goliath parable this, as
the rodent puts our feline neighbourhood predator to flight.


Next to the late lamented Sapphire, this particular
moggy is one of the most endearing in our general vicinity; trouble is it’s
impossible to train them to know their boundaries! If only it were possible to
teach them that our ponds piscine inhabitants, and the birds nest boxes were
off limits, our pleasure would be complete.

This posting also appears on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’. Apologies for the paucity of recent postings.

P.S. I had also posted this on my Hirsute Antiquity blog where someone left the comment:
.. I don’t know why but i hate squirrels.. 😦

to this my hasty impromptu response reads as follows:

can be darned destructive little critters, their scavenging exploits
can certainly reek havoc. Although they’re rodents, somehow with their
long bushy tails they have a more cosy image than their thin tailed
relatives. The grey squirrel, originally imported from North America,
is now predominant and they swiftly decimated the indigenous red
squirrel population.

some ways I find them more welcome than other North American invasions
such as our near neighbour, Menwith Hill spy and star wars station,
ironically called RAF Menwith Hill although it’s run in the utmost
secrecy by the US of A. I’m always surprised to find that some American
acquaintances who work there appear almost normally human. Just like
the grey squirrels seem cute!

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