Although my day started in the usual sluggish manner, my
resurrection from the duvet lair occurred at a marginally earlier hour in order
to greet our special visitor. Cathy had brought her youngest charge, little
Katie (now 16 months), over to Harrogate. It’s
really wonderful to share Katie’s delight in the simple pleasures of life!


The fish in our aquarium experienced an earlier floodlighting, to
enhance Katie’s viewing experience and, many soft toys were exhumed from the
loft to be passed gleefully between us. Out in the garden, the youngster led
the way, purposefully walking to the next point of interest, the pond fish
looking for food, the splashing of the water from the filtration units outflow
pipe; each new experience seemed to provide fresh enjoyment.


When we popped across to see the progress that had been made at Cathy’s
house, Cathy held one of Katie’s hands whilst I held the other. We all removed
our shoes as we entered the house and, Katie selected my shoes to bring to me
as we prepared to leave. A further visit to the garden led to Katie holding her
hand out in anticipation of mine, so I could accompany her as she walked
towards the wilderness end of our domain.


After a short while chez nous, Cathy drove us into town where
Katie, Helen and I headed for ‘Noahs
Ark’ (an exotic pet shop) whilst Cathy attended a doctors appointment. Each
creature proved an object of fascination for the young ‘un as we strolled
leisurely around.


Katie’s sheer joy of life proved quite infectious. As we sat and
ate lunch, back home, her attention was irresistibly drawn to the fruit bowl,
especially the centrally mounted large peach. Not for her any fancy cutting of
the fruit, she prefers to tackle things head on and, what a magnificent feast
she had. The mouth may be small but, was not to be thwarted by the magnitude of
her chosen prey.

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