Staking A Claim

The robin, with his sharply scolding “tt,tt” call, stakes his claim
to this new territory. He seems bemused as I return his call and, for a few
minutes, we seem to hold a conversation. For the past few weeks, morning and
evening, he’s stalked these grounds, perching on wheelbarrow in the east, fence
and stone trough to the north, hedgerow and shrub to the south. Woe betides any
upstart of his species who cares to intrude.


For all the varied species of insects, birds, small mammals, that
visit our garden, this is the first time we can recall a robin taking up
residence. As the season changes, the most frequent visitors to our feeders are
presently the coal tits; I always wonder at their swift looping flight to the
food source.


The occasional dunnock scurries about on the ground below, seeking
fresh sustenance. Whilst starlings demolish the fat balls, and blackbirds
contentedly settle for rounding up worms, the polycarbonate seed feeders
seem to be the primary target for house sparrows, great and coal tits. For the
time being, the wire framed peanut feeders seem more honoured by their neglect.


As I observe the avian goings on, a little wren sits, tail perkily
aloft, on the redcurrant bush. Time passes swiftly, as I luxuriate in this time
I have to “stand and stare”. Perhaps if I had more energy, I would miss out on
this tremendous treat!


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