A Tale of Passion

Just how is one supposed to resist the lure of such a tantalizing temptress; her gleaming virginal form proved far too provocative. It was almost as if there was no such thing as choice; my beloved swiftly concurred with the proposition that I should take this beauty home.


Having got her home, my beloved washed Stellar in warm soapy water before I tenderly oiled the temptress’s body. The task fell to me to break her virginity but, she yielded as if we’d already been lifetime companions. A dollop of olive oil, infused with ginger, garam masala, coriander, turmeric and cumin, was gently heated; one has to be careful in these situations but, it wasn’t long before I brought her to full heat.


Next, a couple of handfuls of onion rings were thrown into the sizzling womb, swiftly followed by the diced chicken breast and peppers. Some fifteen minutes later, a tin of plum tomatoes laced with freshly ground black pepper, together with a generous sprinkling of chilli was added to the mix and gently stirred in. For good measure I added a tin of Balti sauce, placed the lid gently on her brim, I left her to simmer. The aromatic fragrances, emanating from this barely sullied beauty, spiced the air.


This first experience was quite wonderful, compared to the old crock I’d temporarily deserted; the brand new Stellar 7000 wok making the culinary experience even more delightful. How wonderful it felt to be in the presence of such practical beauty.


Cooking is always a delight, even when my stamina resource is running low but, last evening; this beauty added a whole new frisson of excitement.




The wok itself came with a Lifetime Guarantee against defects, a rather meaningless phrase as, if the product has already passed quality control defects are absent at this point in time. Who is to determine what the “lifetime” of a kitchen utensil should be? The Teflon Platinum Pro coating is guaranteed for ten years; one can only hope it fulfils such promise!   

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One Response to A Tale of Passion

  1. The Oxcliffe Fox says:

    I\’ve been carrying on a love affair with my wok, now, for over six years. I wouldn\’t change it for the world. It\’s a carbonised steel one, and it has developed a patina of character. After every use I lovingly wipe it down with warm oil to preserve it. And somehow whenever I reach for the handle it somehow jumps into my hand. Oh yes, a lovely implement indeed. – TOF

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