Whatever Turns You On

Tingling with delight and
pleasure, like a low key sustained orgasm; oh the excitement of observing
wildlife in the garden. “And what brought about this excitement?” you may well
not ask, so I’m taking the liberty of asking for you! The sunshine once more
having taken advantage of the interlude between rainfalls, sparrows, blackbirds
and starlings have been taking advantage of the bathing facilities proffered by
our good selves. The backlit water droplets, as the birds drank and bathed at
and in their pedestal mounted bath, seemed to be integral partners in the
ecstatic avian dance.


Other sparrows, perhaps of
a calmer disposition, perch themselves on the edge of the terrace pond and
imbibe H2O at their leisure. One male house sparrow discovered that a lily pad
served equally well as the pond’s rim as a point from which to partake of Adam’s
Ale.  I found it incredibly difficult to
draw my attention away from this simple ornithological attraction; I find it
almost impossible to remember when any television programme was able to hold me
in such thrall!


Prior to this mid and late
afternoon observation session, I managed to clear away (temporarily) a few
briars from both the wildlife and marginally more organized areas of the garden
and, lightly mowed a section of the lawn, serving to highlight the more
meadow-like area.


Having only managed a few
days away from home during the past few years, the delights of our own garden
have provided me with a special haven.


At lunchtime, I was able
to take a stroll down the road to help a friend set up a new POP3 e-mail
account; it feels really good to be of assistance!


I am indeed blessed in
being able to fulfil so many of my addictions without having to venture far
from the homestead, a wonderful wife, friend, lover and companion all in the
form of Helen, a wildlife haven, a
stable door (on which to lean whilst pursuing my nicotine addiction) and, a
reasonable wine cellar to cater for our discerning palates. An abundance of
tomes, literary, theological, philosophical, and technical manuals, are
instantly accessible should my powers of concentration improve sufficiently to
absorb their contents.


I rejoice and am glad in
this day the Lord has made.

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One Response to Whatever Turns You On

  1. Renuka says:

    Hello Malcolm,
     Nice to visit you and see your happiness as you watch your garden and work there…Your contentment and loce you feel for your wife. Its always a pleasure to see such devotion, love and joy in todays world..its rare…I think its become rarer as time passes, the meaning of caring, sharing is losing meaning. Those who have such companions are indded lucky…Your world is beautiful Malcolm,I know the pain is physical but still you manage to take pleasure in small things…birds, butterflies, fish pond and such like…wishing you happiness and peace…God bless you.

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