Bowed but Unbloodied

The past couple of days have certainly been eventful yet, nothing has worked quite according to plan. Come to think of it, planning is not really my forte, it’s much easier (as well as being more practical) to simply go with the flow.


On Monday night, decided I’d like to go down to the Jazz Club, where Kelly Dickson would be performing, the following evening. Tuesday morning proved remarkably bright and, I seemed to be much more awake and alert quite early.  Rather than considering my normal quota of hours of bed rest, the brightness of the day lured me from the duvet lair shortly after my beloved had set off for work.


It proved an ideal day for idling about in the garden, netting off some excess fairy moss from the garden pond and terrace ponds, feeding the birds and the fish and, generally basking in a sense of harmony with nature. Come evening, as I should have foretold, I was rather aching and weary; I ummd and ahhhhd about venturing out, ma belle chauffeuse quite prepared to attend my every need, finally succumbing to what may still be a residual fear of visiting what I anticipated would be a reasonably well attended venue. My weary state proved far too conducive to an impending sense of a panic attack.


After all that beating around the bush, Helen and I decided to settle down to watch a TV programme that I’d recorded whilst  my beloved was attending a Church Council meeting. We popped a nice bottle of white into the chiller and proceeded to view the programme. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door; a friend – many years my senior (now that’s something hard to believe) –  who lives a few doors down the road had been struggling all day making a wireless connection to Helen’s old laptop. So, finally I was reassured that the decision not to attend the jazz was well judged as, I was able to go down to try and sort out the wireless problem whilst Helen had a chat with his wife. Although my concentration these days is pretty abysmal, I do sometimes enjoy having a problem to get my teeth into.


By the time we returned home, the bottle of ‘Fief du Temple’ Chardonnay, Jardin de France VdP 2005, was well and truly chilled. By this time, having solved our friends dilemma, I felt well and truly ‘chilled out’ too. This particular wine compares most favourably with many a Chablis (including a few Premier Crus) but, sadly, I’m now down to the last eight bottles.




Come this morning, Wednesday, my more normal bed rest pattern was restored and, the day’s rather dull and damp aspect made the process of necessary rest much easier to accomplish. By the time a sufficient degree of alertness had overtaken me, we were into the car and off in pursuit of a new bookcase. The Hospice furniture shop had a rather beautiful piece of furniture (posing as bookshelves) which we had loved but, somebody had already laid claim to this gem. Next, it was back to the car, and a journey across town, to visit a little pine emporium. Finding a parking spot didn’t seem too easy as we turned up a steep incline; at this point palpitations and cold perspiration were much in evidence and, it felt as though my chest was being crushed.


Having made it down to the shop, one or two items seemed suitable to meet our requirements; having borrowed a tape measure to check specifications it was time to return home and reassess available space in our dining room. I should add that we already have fully stocked bookcases in most rooms, bathroom excluded of course, so it was very much a case of finding what we could move to optimise the available spaces. We finally settled on two small bookcases, both with three shelves which all had room to stock larger format volumes. An added bonus, for these particular shelves, is a pokerwork Eeyore holding balloons on the end of one of them and, a complementary Pooh Bear on the other. Pooh Bear is now sited to greet one as they enter the room. Bookcases in situ, it should now be possible to liberate some areas of carpet from the freestanding array of books!


I currently find myself aching but, not yet defeated.


yesterday’s blog posting, An Expensive Tomato Plant, can be found on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’.


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One Response to Bowed but Unbloodied

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello my friend,
    I feel somewhat remiss in not having visited in quite a time. It sounds as if you are holding your own and am glad you have been able to take care of the pond/fish et al!  The joys of nature do wonders for the soul.
    I do believe a home can never have enough bookcases. It is a continuous problem here and never seems to get rectified. There are always new books coming in and it doesn\’t take long for piles to develop here and there.
    Our summer has been rainy.  7 inches of rain in July and still a week to go.  It has been cool and chilly, rainy and windy. You have to work hard at scheduling your days so that you are free on nice days. My daylillies have had a good summer but irises were less spectacular than usual.  I ended up pulling up the hostas that were encroaching on the irises and will have to thin out this fall. It seems as if life is one plan after another but that keeps us looking forward to each season.
    Well I think I am about to spring for a puppy.  It has been a year since our last dog died and an old country home does need a dog….right?  So, hopefully when one of us finds to energy to drive 8 hours back and forth, Xena, a four month old Australian Shepherd will be joining is.  She has been deemed by her kennel owner not to meet the standards of a breeder/show dog so has been relegated to a companion dog.  She was described as not having enough "nasty" is a submissive lady and enjoys snuggling and swimming.  I think that meets my needs just perfectly.
    So my friend, I hope you and Helen are well.   Blessings and be well.  Bittersweet

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