A Question of Balance

How is it possible to feel utterly crap and yet remain thankful? That’s the conundrum I found myself confronted with today, after several below par days.


Just the effort of removing my torso from the duvet realm, after a good eleven hours of bed rest, seemed like a task too far. A general faintness was the morning’s keynote but, by lunchtime, this was replaced with a giddily floating sense of disequilibrium, topped off by a sense of queasiness and a sensation around the ribcage as if I was being battered by a carpet coated lead weight.


Apart from that, I have few complaints about how I felt but, an attempt to prepare lunch for Beth, Helen and myself proved too much of an endeavour. At that point I retired to the bedroom, lay down and swiftly entered the land of nod. An hour or so later I felt slightly refreshed although still feeling utterly knackered.


So, how can I remain thankful? My beloved quite accurately recognized the symptoms which even 1 year ago were a regular feature of my lifestyle. Back then, it would have been a good week if I hadn’t had at least three or four such days. This realization / recognition gave me the insight to recognize just how good my days have been in recent months – such realization is indeed a cause for thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is much better for the morale than moaning.

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