Further to my posting, PTSD – cause unknown, on Sinna Luvva I felt it was time for a little update. After a couple of weeks with the pond apparently devoid of piscine activity, (food remaining untouched etc.), and having duly checked the water quality, I decided to introduce two small red comets and two shubunkins to this particular aquatic abode. Whatever the cause of the original inhabitants stress disorder, the new fish have enabled four of the older residents to overcome their timorousness. Two small and two medium sized fish, from amongst the original occupants, have now joined the newcomers but, they still demonstrate a reluctance to approach their food until I’ve removed myself from their field of vision.


There is still no sign of the three biggest fish and, I’m starting to suspect that they really have disappeared. This afternoon I was told that a Heron had visited a garden down the road two or three weeks ago, so perhaps such a visit was the cause of the remnants PTSD.






The past week or so seems to have been a time of setting up. Firstly, weeks of problems with two of our printers, Epson C46 and Canon iPixma 3000, resulted in the decision to dump the former and use the latter primarily for black and white. Meantime, Helen picked up an old Epson Stylus Photo 700 for £2 at a local jumble sale and, after connecting it up (on the serial port) and a little tweaking, the results are superior to those of our now deposed more recent Epson model for the odd bit

of colour printing.


For a little more reliability, having worked our way through three new printers in four years, I found an HP Officejet Pro 550dtn at a very reasonable price and, I’ve now set that up as the network printer. So far the results are extremely pleasing.


This morning, a new dining table and chairs were delivered so, the items being flat-packed, my morning was pre-occupied with their assembly. As I said, in the beginning, a time of setting up; even one of the container rockeries was scheduled for reconstruction last evening and I managed to meet that schedule!  I’m trusting that it’s not really the Devil who found work for these idle hands to do.


Overall, I am so thankful at being able to perform these tasks; an irksomely aching fatigue is a small price to pay for these modest changes to one’s routine.

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