Realizing The Vision

It’s always such an amazing experience to see the fruits of ones labours, especially so when one has seen the process through from preliminary vision to partial realization. Recent weather has frequently tempted us out into the garden for a little pottering around.


Having had a gardener in, during the winter months, to clear the most troublesome border area and replace it with a pebbled area, subsequently populated with container based plantings, the rest of the garden didn’t seem quite so much of a challenge. Of course, fish feeding duties at the garden pond ensure a certain amount of time is spent each day in these wonderful environs.


Last week, I envisioned a new rockery area in the south facing garden bed, an ideal situation for many alpine plants. The soil in that particular bed is much better drained than the other side, once again ideal for alpines and, we managed to source the necessary rocks and stones from the back of our wildlife friendly area of garden. Of course the necessary preliminary routing, from this area, of ground-elder and sundry alien intruders was performed by my trusty servant, Helen.


In some areas I added general purpose compost and coarse grit to the soil in readiness for the new plantings. The plants now in place include a small variety of Aquilegia, two different types of Thyme, Saxifrage, Erodium and, at the front beside the gravel path, a rather voracious ground cover succulent (species unknown) retrieved from the pebbled area at the front of the house.


It’s so easy to forget about sundry aches and pains as one performs such labours of love but, I usually manage to break away from the endeavour before fatigue sets in. A couple of hours, interspersed with frequent breaks, is my daily work limit on those days when I actually manage to get started! Even so, I just can’t quite get over how much my health has improved since early last year, when I couldn’t have even contemplated, let alone carry through, such a project.


The next project, well under way, is the clearing of an area of our central crude rockery which we are transforming into a more structured alpine area. My post vacation (necessary) increase in my bed-rest hours, to 12, seems to have revitalized my hours in the land of the awake!


I rejoice, and am glad, in these days the Lord has made.

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