From Unpredictability to Affirmation

Unpredictable, that’s all I can say about the weather at present. After a few days of blustery hail, sleet, and snow showers, interspersed with outbreaks of blue sky and sunshine, today bore witness to the sun’s presence, right through from the earlier hours until dusk. Although the temperature only reached 8 centigrade, the lack of any wind worth mentioning, meant that I could spend a little time sat on the bench beside the garden pond sans headgear! As the temperature had dropped below freezing last night, a thin film of ice covered the pond and, the clumps of frog spawn at the ponds margin were coated in ice; one wonders if these frozen embryos will survive. Of course, if they do survive, the tadpoles will, ere long, have to run the gauntlet of our voracious goldfish.


This afternoon, my beloved and I ventured over to the garden centre to select a few hardy plants both for containers and more general groundcover. By the time I’d planted them out it was already dusk and, I beat a swift retreat into the houses warmth. We’re certainly noticing the days stretching out now and, this coming weekend our clocks go forward one hour ,as we move from GMT to BST. It seems odd that we move into British Summer Time whilst we still await a few more signs of spring.


In the Lounge, the new aquarium is now maturing nicely and, is fully stocked with 3 fantail goldfish, 4 white cloud mountain minnows and 8 of the long-finned wcm’s. I seem to spend hours simply observing the piscine activity, much of the time it’s far superior to anything TV has to offer.


How fortunate we are to be able to bask in and enjoy each others company and, share such simple pleasures. Helen and I are truly blessed, we are loved and capable of sharing that love; there is always so much to give thanks for, no matter how often one is assailed by various moderate afflictions. As a student of Theology and Philosophy, I found and continue to find the “problem of suffering and evil” lacked any satisfactory resolution, indeed in my darker days I still find myself futilely wrestling with it, but then I remember that “the problem of LOVE” opened a whole layer of transcendence for me, proving sufficient grounds for my leap of faith. Love is the ultimate value.


Faith is the possibility to affirm life, an ultimate commitment, no matter what the circumstance; to love is to affirm.


Once more, I rejoice in, and give thanks for, this day the Lord has made.

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One Response to From Unpredictability to Affirmation

  1. Renuka says:

    Hello Malcolm,
    Beautiful post full of spring happiness and joy. I am glad the spring is here and you could enjoy the garden and the pond…also your fish in the aquarium, I understand you happiness stems from true love. It overcomes also the pains due to physical problems. True when we have love in our life other lacks matter little. I appreciate the personel mail you sent to me, I will check the website one of these days. Its always a pleasure to visit your space full of simplicity, love and beauty…beauty of soul, paintings and above all beauty of love….I also share similar relationship with my husband and children…Our home is open home and we enjoy guests and friends dropping in  and keeping our cup of love full…Wishing you all the best…love and happiness for you and your family.

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