New post on Sinna Luvva

A blog posting for today, SHOWERS OF BLESSING, can be found on ‘The Word of Sinna Luvva’!
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2 Responses to New post on Sinna Luvva

  1. Renuka says:

    Dear malcolm,
    I went thru your Various websites, Sinna luvva, about us, painting galleries and poems. I tell you its a treat to go thru, the presentation is beautiful in soothing colours, unusual blend of colours. The paintings seem to radiate beauty, tranquility, cheer ad grace…I found them just remarkable, the amalgam of colours, Do you sell out and whats the approx price of a water colour…I mean no where in the gallery price is mentioned…All  I can say its beautiful, It lifted my spirits and took me to some higher world which is beautiful, peaceful, happy and full of love…Wishing you health and happiness…Your talent left me spell bound. God bless you and your family. Your devotion to Helen, every where I can see that….full of love…just made for each other couple and together making the world a happier place…

  2. Malcolm says:

    Hi Renuka, Thanks for visiting my various sites; glad you enjoyed them and, your comments and enthusiasm are much appreciated! Will be in touch. God bless.

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