Sunshine, Fish and shocks that flesh is heir to

Having reported on A Weekend Venture, on Sinna Luvva, I’ve just got round to updating my postings. Monday morning at the Innkeepers Lodge, unlike Sunday, I managed to venture across to the carvery in time for breakfast! After a further little rest, we packed the car and called in on Kathleen (Helen’s step-mum) once again, for a little chat and a coffee, before heading homewards. I’d decided, despite earlier misgivings, that we should travel back on the M62 motorway. The day was beautifully bright, but not overpoweringly so, as we set off on our journey. The sunshine played its magic on the Pennine Hills and, as we crossed the summit (the highest stretch of motorway in England) Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ was blasting out from Radio 3; this frantic ride seemed so apposite on this stage of our journey.


My main reason for choosing this route was the preponderance of Service Stations en route, after all, one never knows when the call of nature will make its erratic voice heard. The journey went so smoothly, almost enjoyable (which is a most unusual word in my vocabulary when it comes to travelling), that we had no need to make any stops. The whole journey took us just under two hours, as opposed to the 3 ½ + hours on our outward bound route. It was quite a surprise to find ourselves back in our own home, an ever welcome venue, by 1.00PM.


After a light lunch, we headed off to our local Tropica Aquarium Centre where we selected a bow front 180 litre Aquarium complete with cabinet stand, together with a large ornamental rock and 25kg of fine gravel. The unit is our Wedding Anniversary present to each other, the anniversary having been the previous Monday.


By the end of the evening, the whole aquarium with multi filters and twin fluorescent tube lighting unit had been set up. We just happened to have called at the centre at the right time as, this particular aquarium and stand had just been offered at a much reduced price, as the customer who ordered it had let them down!


By Tuesday morning I was quite washed out, the weekend adventure having finally caught up with me so, my haste to set the tank up seemed to have been imperative. Although quite exhausted, a visit from Cathy with her youngest charge, eight month old Katie, flooded my somewhat jaded start to the day with sunshine. It may have been grey and wet outside but the joyous chortles and gurgles of Katie filled our home with extra warmth.


After a protracted period of bed rest, nothing new there, shortly after noon today we ventured once again to the Aquarium Centre to get some plants for our new fish home. The water in the tank had already been generously treated with AquaSafe and StressZyme and, the pump virtuously purring through its task, come early evening we were able to introduce a couple of our Fantail Goldfish to their new residence, gently acclimatising them to the new water quality. The maturation process is now under way so, a careful monitoring of nitrite levels will be in order before we increase the stock. Eventually our cloud minnows, plus a few more of that species, will be added along with a couple more fantails.


High voltage shocks, of a sciatica variety, passing between calf, knee, buttocks and hips, have been causing my right lower limb to collapse as I walk but, otherwise, I can’t complain about the many things I have been able to achieve, with the support and encouragement of my beloved, over the past few days.


I rejoice, and am glad, in this day the Lord has made.


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2 Responses to Sunshine, Fish and shocks that flesh is heir to

  1. ivor says:

    Not bad for ayoung fellow Malcom The aquarium  is much more interesting than the tv,  This cold damp weather is not good for arthritis. So I have a nap in the afternoon whwether I need it or not

  2. Renuka says:

    Hello Malcolm, Glad to read that finally you have set up your aquarium..Enjoy the golden fish…It appears you enjoyed your journey…Nice visiting you and finding you happy with your beloved and grand children. Wishing you sunshine and joy.

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