Catching Up (with some fishy business)

Just thought it about time to post a ‘catch-up’ blog; it’s not really that nothing’s happening but, rather that blank pages have seemed a daunting foe during recent ropey days. Although I’m so much better than I was at this point last year, I find it rather more frustrating to cope with my setback days. As the slow recovery from tenosynovitis progresses, some of my old familiar aches and pains have come to the fore once more, alongside a pernicious feeling of exhaustion.


My most recent acupuncture session served to alleviate some of the pain and, has probably given my energy levels a little boost. Cooking remains a creative pleasure but, there have been times when it was quite a struggle to get myself into the kitchen; I’m pleased to report that the results of my efforts are almost invariably successful!


The gardener still pops by for the odd day and, things are really shaping up well. On warmer (now that’s a very relative term) days,  I’ve been running the pond pump for an hour or two; of course, that excludes the days when I’m having to pour boiling water to create a few air holes through the ice sheet surface of the pond.


If I left the pump running, at a somewhat slower water-flow rate, that would prevent the total icing up but, the drawback is that the influx of air chilled water may disturb the warmer layer where the fish rest over the winter months.


One of the goldfish, in the smaller aquarium, a calico fantail developed a swimbladder infection which I’ve been treating over the past twelve days. I’m hopeful that we’d spotted it in good time, as I administered the final treatment today. One of the white cloud mountain minnows, in our main aquarium, seemed to have a fungal infection, around the mouth, a couple of days ago but, as I prepared to isolate it and treat the tank, a miraculous recovery occurred. The minnow had been attempting to consume a tiny water snail which became firmly attached to its nose and mouth; once the snail had been shaken off, no more fungal growth!


Life’s rich tapestry continues to hold me in its thrall. I rejoice and am glad in this day the Lord has made.



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One Response to Catching Up (with some fishy business)

  1. Renuka says:

    Dear Malcolm,
    Its great to hear from you…I love your spirit and its a joy to read about your plants, fish, garden your cooking. I really admire how uncomplainingly you function with your pains and limitations…this shows a great percentage of limitation is in the mind…How is Helen…I love the way you both take care for each other and your love for each other..I love this..I enter the new day with a joyous smile…Keep it up…Wishing you all the best and strength of spirit and blessings of the divine..

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