A Freak of Fitness

Gloriously blue skies, and sunshine, greeted my belated emergence into the world of the upstanding people, a mere eleven and a half hours after snuggling down into divan sprung duvetdom. An illusion of warmth spread around the house, as I basked in the brightness; a brisk stroll, around the block, served to confirm that this illusion did not intrude upon the outside world, perhaps the sun’s rays had actually added an odd degree to the environment.


The startling realization that I’d managed the stroll in, perhaps, three-quarters of my normal time, gave one a nice sensation of achievement. It is the first occasion on which I’ve taken a little ambulatory exercise, without another goal (such as the local shops or ‘Open Church’) in mind, since before Christmas. Maybe I’m reaping the benefits of Friday’s energizing acupuncture session. Must keep a tight rein on myself, from fear that I become a health fanatic in my declining years!


Even a miniscule snow flurry, which greeted me on my mini-excursion, added to the sense of adventure. As I look out, from an upstairs window, I note that a little tidying up needs to be done around the garden pond area but, one step at a time, I’m not yet ready for the giant leap.


In this day the Lord has made, I rejoice and am glad.


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3 Responses to A Freak of Fitness

  1. Renuka says:

    How are you Malcolm,
    How are you doing, How is your beloved, I hope you are feeling better and keeping well, Have a great year, wishing you all the best.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Thanks for popping by Renuka. We\’re both doing reasonably well at the moment, a few niggling health setbacks (in my case) notwithstanding but, I\’m feeling positive. I\’m pleased to have you as a friend but, unfortunately, although I can view your \’profile\’ I\’m not allowed access to your \’space\’ at the moment!

  3. Renuka says:

    Dear Malcolm,
    I went thru your poetry, You write so beautifully…wishing you and Helen all the best…there is so much sentiment, emotion, love and depth

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