Faith Matters

FAITH is that set of values, and ultimate questions, by which we lead our lives. Questions and doubts are an integral component of faith, if we are not to become stuck in a rut of blind belief. I have been grasped by certain concepts and values of community and compassion, and much of the reported teachings of Jesus (acclaimed by many as the Christ), throughout my life, both those in which I have been unwittingly indoctrinated and, those which I have arrived at or returned to through a prolonged period of questioning.
It has always seemed a major mystery that some people seem to "need a faith", some "seek a faith" by which to measure their life’s course whilst others are quite simply "grasped" by an ultimate concern which they have neither sought nor been aware of a need for.
In my personal journey, I have at times embraced (or been embraced) by each of these modes yet, a deep rooted scepticism has proferred me a deep rooted intellectual and emotional resistance to making room for such a faith. That same stubborn resistance also occurs when anyone attempts to fob me off with multifarious scientific hypotheses disguising them as facts. I suppose I’m slightly averse to ‘fundamentalisms’ be they secular or religious.
Perhaps, with my low level reserves of physical and emotional stamina, I do not pro-actively fight for my beliefs as much as I should, but the mystery of LOVE (almost) always compels me to accept a transcendent reality.
I am "grasped" by the person and work of Jesus the Christ yet, am unable to accept much of the dogmatic doctrinal baggage with which he has been encumbered. Some emphasize his humanity, others his divinity, fully God and fully man proves a bit of a conundrum yet, in this myth of the Christ  many, including myself, have found the strength to challenge the social and economic injustices of our day.
In spite of my deeply rooted sceptical nature, it is far easier to accept the existence of God (all the flawed ontological/ teleological arguments for His/Her/Its existence notwithstanding) than it is to understand how it is possible that so much bigotry, intolerance and, upholding of the status quo can possibly be carried out in the name of Jesus Christ. It’s as if the ideological baggage of state blessed Christendom has blinded us to the truly radical nature of the Christ.
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2 Responses to Faith Matters

  1. Renuka says:

    Thanks Malcolm for your kindness and love, I am finding so much joy and such good friends on space all over the world…I also believe in one divine power philosophy..all these realized souls advocate one divine power because they have dissolved the I in the one power that exists..they have found the truth and truth is always the same it never changes..but the followers because they want to project their master as greatest say my faith is this and my god is this..mine is better than yours..but if we follow the masters they all say the same God…its true that god manifests  takes form to teach love and show that good triumphs over evil…but he is ever the same power…we should have love and tolerance for everyone as we all are children of the same God…We all have same divinity in us…religious intolerance is never taught by masters…wishing you good health, peace and happiness…

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