A Long Slow Getting Nowhere

Last evening, Helen and myself popped round (a command attendance) to have a look at Cathy’s new house and, we also met her partner’s parents for the first time. It really was worth the difficult struggle getting there; although the residence is only a few strides away from our front door, the support of my beloved (as well as a strong walking stick) proved essential as my right leg kept painfully verging on the edge of collapse.It was good to have a look at the house, before the furniture gets moved in and, to hear of all the alterations planned (sooner them than us!). We enjoyed a glass of Bollinger by way of a toast to their new home.


The collapsing leg saga continues unabated. Since starting on the meloxicam last Friday, the degree of pain, both persistent nagging ache and shooting acute stabs, has increased. Temporary alleviation, achieved by means of knee and ankle strapping, proved all too brief; additional pain killers, deep heat sprays, ibuprofen gel each have proved ineffectual. No matter how much aggro the offending limb causes during the day, the throbbing pain and general dis-ease always increases as the evening rolls on. Nocturnal sleep has been even more interrupted than has been my erratic norm but, much of the night being dominated by a pained cussing rant, I manage to make up for the shortfall by sleeping most of the morning away.


At some point, during each night, pyjamas have to be discarded as they’re soaked in perspiration from collar to cuff (including cuffs of trousers as well as jacket). Strange thing is I’m not feeling especially hot, the clamminess always catches me unawares. Sleep came a bit easier last night, having found a relatively comfortable posture early on and, refusing to yield to the bodies every whim to tortuously turn over in the hope of attaining a greater degree of comfort. The necessary night-time ambulation, bathroom-wards, seems increasingly to resemble an endurance test. Will it be the knee or the ankle that gives way this trip, is one walking stick sufficient or will I require two? These are the issues with which my overtired, yet over stimulated, mind becomes pre-occupied.


This afternoon, Helen A, my physiotherapist came to administer some acupuncture but, having examined my ‘problem’ limb, with its excessive sensitivity, was wondering what treatment she would be able to perform. A comfortable posture was only marginally impinged upon by shooting cramp like pains, as my normal acupuncture treatment was administered with only the odd differing insertion point. As, in her view, the prescribed medication should have been having a marked effect on the tenosynovitis by now, the physio suggested that I should arrange to see (or at least have another word with) my GP once more, tomorrow if possible!

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One Response to A Long Slow Getting Nowhere

  1. Renuka says:

    Dear Malcolm,
    As I read through, I could feel your pain and helplessness, Yes what can we do when there is so much pain even to toss and turn in the bed..May god give you comfort and ease your pain..Atleast at night so that you can sleep without pain…May he give you the strength to endure it..I pray to God for some miracle drug that will take your pain away…wishing you restful sleep and joyful day…

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