So tired, tired of waiting ….

My first experience of using the Freecycle site, to dispose of a Futon (in good condition), has left a rather bitter taste in my mouth. For all I lead a rather sedentary life, there seems to be nothing more demanding of ones nervous energy than WAITING. Having advertised the item on-line on Sunday morning, I promptly received several eager e-mail responses. The first one to apply stated that they would pick it up that afternoon, travelling from the other end of North Yorkshire to do so. In the early evening, having anticipated a phone call (and regular readers of my blogs will be only too well aware of my love / hate relationship with that device) to confirm they were on their way, I sent a further e-mail to enquire whether she still wanted it. Half-an-hour later she explained why she had been unable to get over and, also stated that she did not like driving at night.


The reasons for the non-visit aroused my sympathy, but by this time I was feeling rather tense. My beloved ‘phoned and arranged for her, and a friend, to collect on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday evening arrived but there was no sign of the collector. Once again I e-mailed to see if they still wanted the Futon; she responded with the reason – a family health matter – and said that she would be unable to get over here. My beloved left a message on her answering machine, telling her that she would be happy to deliver the item on Wednesday morning if she would just ring back with her address. No response. Later in the evening, ma belle tried once again to contact her but the phone was in use so she left a message with the answering service. No reply has been forthcoming!


The desire to assist someone had to be weighed against the fact that I had cancelled a much needed appointment with my acupuncturist in order to be available on the collection day. Therein lies another story which I’m coming to. Stress barely describes what I felt by this time.


Monday afternoon, I’d waited in vain for my physiotherapist/ acupuncture practitioner to arrive. Late afternoon, I contacted her only to find that I’d put the appointment down on the wrong day and she would be calling on Tuesday afternoon. This Tuesday afternoon appointment I duly cancelled as that was the second afternoon on which the item of furniture should have been collected.


The stress of the waiting game seemed to refresh my sense of auditory overload as, every little unexpected sound brought with it a disproportionate response of the kind previously recorded, by Sinna Luvva in August, under the title ‘Inappropriate Response Syndrome’.


This afternoon the physio came to play a much needed game of pincushion with me. This one time sceptic, regarding so called ‘alternative therapies’, is now a convinced believer in acupunctures efficacy.



Another posting for today, “Mal’s New Moves”, can be found on ‘Hirsute Antiquity’.

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