Slow and Grey

It’s just been another of those grey, damp, lacklustre cold days; sad thing is my energy levels seemed to match the mood of the day, lacking any vitality. When I think about it, that’s pretty much the norm for me, more so than for the weather; slow and grey seems to describe both the day and yours truly.  However, despite the paucity of morning light, unlike yesterday I was actually up and out of the duvet realm at a reasonably early hour. Ten-and-a-half hours of bed rest seemed to suffice, so it seems as if the kickback from my Monday night’s defrosting manoeuvres wasn’t too bad. [Got to admit, I wasn’t prepared to test it out by forcing myself into any unnecessary activity – it’s not that I’m lazy, quite simply that pushing myself has usually proved a bad idea!]


 Despite my routine inactivity, I’ve really enjoyed today. I always appreciate the day more when Helen’s not out at work, as we can enjoy each other’s company even if we’re doing our own, in my case minimal, thing. Everyday, I thank God for allowing me to find such a wonderful soul-mate; my life is indeed one of privilege!


As we head towards Thursday, I wish my friends stateside HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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One Response to Slow and Grey

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Malcolm…..
    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes.  Our dinner and the day went well even though I must admit that by evening time i was exhausted.  That\’s when leftovers are really enjoyed.  Since dinner was at 1 o\’clock yesterday, I just enjoyed "chewing" on a wing for supper.  This evening it will be leftovers since i did have plenty of everything left over.  That is one of the joys of having turkey. 
    I hope you and Helen are well.  I am glad you are thoroughly enjoying each others company.  That is truly one of life\’s gifts.  Be well and we\’ll talk soon.  Blessings……..Bittersweet

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