This posting, for reasons which should be self-evident, is the same one that appears on ‘Sinna Luvva’ and ‘Hirsute Antiquity’!

Why? That’s the question of the moment and, probably, of all time.


Words are not forthcoming and yet, here I am trying to write some down.


Each failed effort, to find a purpose for this word doodling, means that the question returns.


You may have gathered that I’m not the familiar happy little soul. Why? Because I can’t understand what I feel at all!


I am not unhappy but, I feel down. My perennial aches and pains don’t provide me with any reason; after all, a stiff neck, discomforted small of the back, sinusitis, a spasmodic burning sensation in the left elbow and a tenderness under the chin are little more than my daily expectation. The question returns and resonates through my skull. Why?


Concentration runs at approximately a third of the level that it did a few years back but, it has been worse. I manage to get out for a walk and a minimal socializing session at least a couple of times a week; that’s a massive improvement on my state of being at the beginning of this year.


The question is why, with all these things going favourably, do I feel down? Down but not unhappy, it’s an uncomfortable state to be in.


I’ve just felt unable to do a blog posting for a few days. Why?


This is a posting and, it’s in a blog. Sorry, I can’t think of anything to say!



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